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Mielle's Coffee

About Mielle

I’m Mielle Fox, owner and creator of Fox Den Mountain ~ a heart centered space where I teach people how science meets spirit. I am a nature loving, knowledge seeking horse-crazed geeky girl who uses intuition and creativity to share the power of love and discernment. I use real world examples of science and spirit (sometimes with the help of my horses) to show how creating harmony, balance and self love leads to personal expansion and self discovery. 

Have you noticed you can smell or taste something and it ‘takes you back’? You feel ‘transported’ back in time to a memory of an event or experience with a particular feeling or emotion connected to it. Two of our senses are strongly connected to our memories - our sense of smell and our sense of taste. It is believed these links are so strong because they are located in the region of the brain very near to where our memories are stored. 

I have partnered with Kyla Clapper, owner and roaster here at Flockcup to create a selection of sustainably produced and lovingly roasted coffees. It is my desire to tantalize your olfactory and taste senses to take you back to a different time and space. 

I’ve enjoyed creating these blends for you. I hope you find them as delectable to smell and taste as I do. 

Sustainably sourced?

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, yet most coffee farmers live in poverty and face incredible challenges! Creating a system of sustainable sourcing means that we operate on principals that support, traceability, quality, economic empowerment, environmental sustainability and gender equality. 

So what does that mean? Lets break it down! 

Traceability: We strive to ensure that farmers are getting paid fairly by creating maximum financial traceability along the supply chain.

Quality: Our partners travel to origin and work with incredible importers to understand every coffee’s story with the goal of humanizing the farmer behind each cup.

We find the balance between quality coffee and the cost to obtain it, never compromising or settling for industry standards and instead, constantly pushing to define higher ones.

Gender equality We align with growers who are committed to empowering people of all genders.

Environmental sustainability We partner with importers, farmers, and cooperatives who are investing at the farm level to address environmental issues related to climate change, habitat preservation, and reducing pollution.

Economic empowerment We strive to pay farmers fair prices based on what it costs them to produce coffee, rather than what the market prices tell us we should pay.

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